• Client: Caratlane.com
  • Problem Statement: Development of a Mobile Platform for India’s No.1 Jewellery Brand to improve the user experience, engagement, application performance.
  • Challenges Addressed:

    1. Increasing Page Speed
    2. Development for Scalibility
    3. Easy to use with best in class user experience

  • Key Points:

    1. Reducing Bounce Rates
    a. Improving Page Speed
    b. Easy Navigation
    c. Performace Metrice
    d. Improving UI/UX

    2. Business Benefits
    a. Revenue Increased 3 Times
    b. Escalating Page Visits
    c. Improving Customer Retaning Rates

  • Client: Magicbricks.com
  • Problem Statement: Development of an Auction Portal and Content Portal for India’s No.1 Online Real Estate Platform.
  • Challenges Addressed:

    1. Development of an automated auction portal with Robust Security Mechanism.
    2. Integration of Auction Portal with Payment Gateway and extra security measures.
    3. Revamped and redeveloped the CMS portal to handle more traffic.

  • Key Points:

    1. Auction Portal Development
    a. Security Measures
    b. ISO Certifications
    c. Payment Gateway

    2. Content Portal Development
    a. Improving UI/UX
    b. Custom Database Development
    c. Scalable Platform

  • Client: Times Ascent
  • Problem Statement: Development of a Digital Platform for the Times Ascent Weekly Newspaper.
  • Challenges Addressed::

    1. Reengineering Ascent Portal from legacy System to Scalable Platform.
    2. To develop a homegrown custom CMS integrated with AI to assist hiring needs.
    3. Integration of print division with online portal in terms of needs.

  • Key Points:

    1. HRMS backed with AI
    a. Custom CMS Development
    b. Information Extractor
    c. AI Integration

  • Client: Gold Standard Foundation
  • Problem Statement: Development of an Data Gathering and Decision Making Tool for Stove Roll Out Plan under Gold Standard Foundation
  • Challenges Addressed: 

    1. Absence of centralized repository causing difficuilties in Bench Marking.
    2. Lack of proper scheduling and manual calculations leading to error.
    3. Solution provided to assist team collaboration and easy of conducting audits.

  • Key Points:

    1. Data Gathering Tool
    a. Centralized Repository
    b. Project Management Tool
    c. Automated Data Processing

    2. Data Processing Tool
    a. Accurate Feasibility Analysis
    b. Automated Project Workflow
    c. Efficient Audits

  • Client: Truecover
  • Problem Statement: Development of a Website and Mobile Application for an AI enabled Policy Advisor Startup.
  • Challenges Addressed: 

    1. Lack of an intelligent wallet platform to manage all your policies.
    2. Development of a community based platform to increase policy awareness.
    3. Assistance, Guidance and Support for all policies related querries.

  • Key Points:

    1. Policy Wallet
    a. Risk Score Calculator
    b. Renuw, manage your policy
    c. Upload your existing policy

    2. Truecover Community
    a. Consult an expert
    b. CMS Development
    c. Personalized Advisor

  • Project Name : MailBomber 
  • Project Intro : Mailing infrastructure for Times of India
  • Technology Stack : HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JQuery, Tiles, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Mongo, MySql, Spring Batch
  • Challenges addressed

    Performance : Infra created for sending parallel campaigns - with capcity of 10,000 mails in a minutes

    Volume : Till now the tool has sent 6,000 crore+ mails (in 6 months)

    Quality : Content of the mail has to be checked for spam prevention

    IP Warming : Servers have to be warmed up till the time email providers like gmail, yahoo recognize them

    Velocity : Velocity of mailing per ip/per domain has to be checked consistently

    feedback loop : log of bounces has to be processed regularly + spams marked by users have to be handled

  • Project Name : JobBuzz
  • Project Intro :  Career Research Portal which enables candidates to make intelligent/informed career choices. JobBuzz has consistently helped them take career decisions based on the most authentic data available online.  Every interview question, company review, salary data and job on JobBuzz has been carefully moderated by experts.
    More than 6+ million users use the platform for career related research.
  • Technology Stack : REST Architecture, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Mongo, Orient DB (Graph Database), MySql, SOLR
  • Challenges addressed: REST Architecture, Angular JS, Performance